Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to common questions. We also have an FAQ about booking our properties on our main website,

Do you own the villas you rent?

No, we act as agents for the owners. We represent around 200 properties in Umbria, Tuscany, the Italian Lakes as well as in Provence, France. We visit the houses, discuss improvements and modifications with the owners, write the descriptions and take our photos – so that when we’re helping you choose where to go we know exactly what we’re talking about.

I don’t see the houses featured much on this site?

All our villas are listed and booked via our main website, This website is more of a guide to the Italian Lakes. We try to give you an idea of the main cities and areas. We list providers and services, and tell you about our favourite restaurants or museums. Whenever you book a villa with us you get access to our free concierge service; this is a place for you to explore what you might do, gather ideas and find out more.

What is the concierge service?

We think holidays are incredibly important. We spend a lot of time helping you choose the right place. So once you’ve booked we want to carry on helping you organise everything. For us “concierge service” just means: “ask us anything you’d like”. If we can help, we will.

For example, you might want help with train timetables, or to know if the supermarket closest to your villa will be open when you arrive. Where’s a good place to surprise your loved one with a romantic meal?

Or you might want us to book a wine tour, a cookery course or a private chef. What about a balloon ride? Or a car to pick you up from the airport?

All of these are part of our concierge service.