Lake Como

Lake Como has always been popular with the elegant set – now home to George Clooney, it was also favoured by Pliny the Younger, 2000 years ago, when he built his ‘Tragedia‘ and ‘Commedia‘ resorts. The ferry service on Lake Como is excellent and it is delightful to explore the many beautiful villas and villages with these charming vessels that criss cross the waters.

This famous lake stretches out languorously at the feet of the mountains that surround it, its shores dotted with elegant towns and villages. The lake’s character changes from north to south so it’s useful to know which area will suit your personality. Are you a suave and chic, a Paul Belmondo of the 21st century, looking to cross the waters on an elegant Venetian speedboat? Then it’s the south for you, perhaps in an elegant lakeside villa like “Riva del Lago” in Moltrasio.

Or are you more of an explorer, likely to be spotted kite-surfing on the lake, canyoning or climbing in the surrounding mountains? Then the northern end of the lake is more your style – maybe in the large and elegant modernist villa of Archimede, poised in its own extensive gardens close to an ancient monastery.

See our selections of villas on the main website – or read one to find out more about how to get to Lake Como.


How can you get to Lake Como?

Lake Como is just north of Milan, Italy. So the best way to get there is normally to fly to one of Milan’s airport and then hire a car, or use public transport, to get to the lake.

The three main airports around Milan are:

  • Milan Linate (LIN)
  • Milan Malpensa (MXP)
  • Milan Bergamo (BGY)

The driving times to the southern points of the lake  (either Como or Lecco) are as follows:

  • LIN to Como or Lecco: under an hour
  • MXP to Como or Lecco: 45 minutes to an hour
  • BGY to Como or Lecco:1 hour to an hour and a half.

To get to the northern point can take from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Lake Como Drawn Map